Hello, My name is Steven Michael and I am the interview manager.

I will lead you through the interview and you can ask questions after I am through.

Let me brief you about the company in details now.

NEO DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY enables clients to transform, modernize and standardize IT environment by leveraging emerging technologies and a proven hybrid global delivery model. NEO DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY offers end to end IT services from consulting to design, development and managed services across Infrastructure, Cloud, Mobility, BI, Analytics, Product Engineering, QA & Testing, IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence to ISVs, enterprises and SMBs in multiple industries.


As a Payroll Assistant (Dispatcher) your primary task is to co-ordinate, Post Payments (Direct Deposit) or Mail Payments (Salaries) to client’s via COURIER SERVICES with the Client’s USPS Company Account. This job is either a full time or a part time depending on how much hour you wish to work each day, the hours are flexible but mostly requires adequate attention to details as you will work with little or no supervision most time REMOTELY. You will be paid $30 per hour and there is room for extra compensation every week, you will be working three days per week and you will be working from your location.


The goal is to carry out all payroll procedures with speed and accuracy.



  • Manage compensation packages using payroll software
  • Collect and verify timekeeping information for all employees
  • Calculate pay according to hours worked incorporating leaves and overtime
  • Calculate bonuses and commissions when appropriate
  • Issues statements and invoices and maintain records
  • Update paper and electronic payroll records by entering adjustments on pay rates, employee status changes etc.
  • Calculate unemployment and severance payments
  • Prepare and submit reports with payroll information to supervisor


  1. Computer that is connected to internet
  2. Printer with ink
  3. Docugard check with 13 security features. #1000 Bound
  4. Glue
  5. USPS envelopes (They are free at USPS post office)
  6. Copier Paper

Note: you are going to be trained for this position so you have nothing to worry about concerning getting your duties done, also the company will provide you with the equipment’s needed to start up and you are going to start as soon as possible.

I will send you a text once i receive your information’s and we can get to work.